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Department Photo
Accession No P24065
Caption Model of Thane's house from The Story of Callendar House exhibition
Date photo taken 1995
Photographer or Artist Burt, Alexander
Subject Notes The Thane's Hall was excavated in 1989 and stood to the north east of the present Callendar House. It would have been 25 metres long and 7 metres wide. The walls would have been made of timber with a thatched roof on top and no windows, Inside there would have been a central hearth with an ash-pit beside it and part of the floor would have been covered with roughly hewn slabs. it served as a home and also as a legal and administrative centre for the Thane of Callendar who was the local ruler.
Subject Category Exhibition/Museum Service/Government; Local
Subject Place Thane's Hall/Callendar Estate/Falkirk area
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