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Accession No Name/Title Primary Prod Date Primary Maker Select
A011.033 Catalogue - Grates (1930) Carron Co
A135.002 Catalogue - Number book Circa 1899-1930? Hoole, H E & Co Ltd
P00041 Interior of Torwood Foundry Circa 1910 Ross, Robert
P00057 Torwood Foundry interior Circa 1910 Ross, Robert
P00166 Columbian Stove Works Circa 1860 Unknown
Bonnybridge Photographic Society
P00167 Bonnybridge Foundry smith shop employees 1899 Unknown
Bonnybridge Photographic Society
P00171 Pattern-making shop, Bonnybridge Foundry Post 1900 Unknown
Bonnybridge Photographic Society
P00416 Women workers at Caledonia Works, testing ovens 1920s Brown, A C
P00442 Testing Falco Ovens by baking, Falkirk Iron Works Post 1900 Brown, A C
P01396 Filling the cupola, Falkirk Iron Works 1960s-1970s {nd} Unknown
P01397 Draining the cupola, Carron Company 1960s-1970s {nd} Unknown
P01398 Tapping, Carron Company 1960s-1970s {nd} Unknown
P01399 Filling a ladle, Carron Company 1960s-1970s {nd} Unknown
P01400 Casting, Carron Company, Stenhousemuir 1960s-1970s {nd} Unknown
P01401 Enamelling a bath, Cockburn Works Circa 1960 Unknown
P01515 Group of workers, Sunnyside Iron Company, Camelon, Falkirk Circa 1901 Unknown
P02208 Casting, Falkirk Iron Works Circa 1911 Unknown
P02213 Blacksmith, Falkirk Iron Works Circa 1911 Unknown
P02685 Cockburn Works 1962 Waugh, Peter
P04348 Castings being poured at Tayforth Foundry casting shop. 1978 Gibson, Robert