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Department Photo
Accession No P00416
Caption Women workers at Caledonia Works, testing ovens
Date photo taken 1920s
Brief Description View of women in white overalls preparing dough on a large bench. To the right is an oven which is being tested.
Photographer or Artist Brown, A C
Subject Notes The best way to ensure the oven was operating satisfactorily would be bake something in it.
Subject Category Worker/Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Testing/Ironfounding Industry
Ovens/Testing/Ironfounding Industry
Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Person Smith & Wellstood Ltd
Subject Place Bonnybridge Foundry/Seabegs Rd/Bonnybridge/Denny area
Associated Notes The Caledonia Works was part of Bonnybridge Foundry. The Foundry was erected to supply the Singer Sewing Machine Company. In 1890 Singers opened their own foundry and Bonnybridge was bought over subsequently by Smith and Wellstood who also owned the Columbian Stove Works.
Carron Iron Works provided an impetus to the development of a light castings industry in the Falkirk area which at its peak comprised about 100 foundries and was of world significance. The area benefited from good canal, sea and rail communications, local coal and entrepreneurship.
Grid Ref NS 825 799
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