Simple Search

The Simple Search allows you to look for any words used in the cataloguing of an archives, photo, museum object or site; or in the information about any person.

Enter the words you wish to search for. For more specific results you can

  • search on a phrase "Roman vase",
  • include a word +vase,
  • exclude a word -vase,
  • search on part of a word tram*,
  • or do a fuzzy search tram~.

If you want to search on a phrase, make sure you use the quotation marks, otherwise your search will default to every word in that phrase. Please see the Help topic on the Simple Search for more details on how to formulate your searches.'

Unable to process your request:
    A word to search for is required

Search for:

  • Museum objects, archives, photos or sites
  • People, organisations or corporate bodies


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