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Accession No 1996-048-003
Name/Title model; carronade
Primary Prod Date 1996
Brief Description Full size fibreglass model of a carronade of c 1790, based on the drawing in R H Campbell's book "Carron Company". It has a suspension loop instead of trunnions, and an elevating screw. It sits on a sliding oak sledge, with separate steps to provide the incline to take the recoil. Hemp rope.
Primary Maker A D Modelmaking
Department Object
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Accession No 1983-042-207
Name/Title pattern; hob grate
Brief Description Rectangular wooden pattern, with spared out top corners, has a floral pattern, and was used for casting hob grates.
The floral decoration is set within a thin arched outline of raised relief. It has got a flower with curled leaves in the centre, with two leaves wrapped around it, which curl out towards the sides.
Primary Maker Carron Co
Department Object
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Accession No P01401
Name/Title Enamelling a bath, Cockburn Works
Primary Prod Date Circa 1960
Brief Description View of two workers dressed in protective clothing spraying a bath which is held in a machine.

This photo is not available as a scanned image. You can see the original in the Archives in Callendar House.
Department Photo
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