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Accession No A135.002
Name/Title Catalogue - Number book
Primary Prod Date Circa 1899-1930?
Brief Description Number Book. Contains hand painted colour illustrations and pencil sketches of Hoole products with some textual descriptions Master copy
Primary Maker Hoole, H E & Co Ltd
Collection Hoole, H.E. & Co Ltd/Business Group
Department Archives
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Accession No 1983-042-600
Name/Title pattern
Brief Description Rectangular plaster pattern with cream varnish finish. Acanthus leaf border. The panel shows 5 women in flowing dresses and three cherubs. The women are different sizes, suggesting that they are derived from various sources.
From left to right they are: woman carrying an urn on a tray/cushion; woman holding a basket on her head with the right hand whilst the left holds a laurel wreath; woman holding a sheath of corn; small woman on a pedestal with laurel wreath in her right hand and a palm leaf in her raised left hand; fire in a bowl set on a tripod; woman carrying an olive branch and scales; three cherubs under a tree.
Marked: No 12, front and back. Drawer No. 43 marked on back.
Primary Maker Carron Co
Department Object
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Accession No P00041
Name/Title Interior of Torwood Foundry
Primary Prod Date Circa 1910
Brief Description View of iron founding dressing shop with a steel frame, brick walls and glass roof lights. There are electric lights and extraction ventilators driven by electric motors. There a number of two-wheeled bogies and barrows. Ten or so men are working, some on buffing machines.
Primary Maker Ross, Robert
Department Photo
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