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Accession No Name/Title Primary Prod Date Collection Select
1978-137-027 banknote; pound (5) 1815
P01397 Draining the cupola, Carron Company 1960s-1970s {nd}
P01398 Tapping, Carron Company 1960s-1970s {nd}
1978-260-001 model; stag 1851
1978-329-001 banner; reform
P01399 Filling a ladle, Carron Company 1960s-1970s {nd}
P01400 Casting, Carron Company, Stenhousemuir 1960s-1970s {nd}
1996-048-003 model; carronade 1996
1983-042-207 pattern; hob grate
P01401 Enamelling a bath, Cockburn Works Circa 1960
P01515 Group of workers, Sunnyside Iron Company, Camelon, Falkirk Circa 1901 Smith, Michael, Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
1983-042-211 pattern
1983-042-035 pattern
P02208 Casting, Falkirk Iron Works Circa 1911
1983-042-038 pattern; plaque
P02213 Blacksmith, Falkirk Iron Works Circa 1911
P02685 Cockburn Works 1962
1983-042-039 pattern
P04348 Castings being poured at Tayforth Foundry casting shop. 1978
1983-042-045 pattern; panel