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Accession No P00587
Name/Title Queen's Hotel and the town clock, Old Grangemouth
Primary Prod Date Circa 1968
Brief Description View of the three-storey hotel painted brown on the ground floor and cream on the first and second floors. There is a large advert for Wm Younger Edinburgh Ales on the gable. Further along South Bridge Street is the town clock (toon knock).
Primary Maker Fyfe, Alexander Gentles
Department Photo
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Accession No P00593
Name/Title South Bridge St, Grangemouth
Primary Prod Date Pre 1905
Brief Description A bascule bridge over the canal leads to a wide street. The former town hall with the 'toon knock' (clock), advertises Glen & Co, printers. Adjacent is the Queen's Hotel. On the right is a stack of timber. The traffic is horse drawn.
Primary Maker Valentine's Series
Department Photo
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Accession No P00594
Name/Title Grange St in Grangemouth Old Town
Primary Prod Date Circa 1910
Brief Description View of a cobbled street with gas lighting, lined by two and three-storey tenements of stone with slate roofs. Some have dormer windows. Passers-by are in plain Edwardian dress. There is a laden cart by the kerbside. Ships’ masts can be seen at the end of the road.
Department Photo
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