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Accession No 1976-024-005
Name/Title cover; coal hole
Brief Description Circular cast iron man-hole cover (used to cover coal hole). Decorated by four stars in relief and ridging.
Primary Maker Ballantine Bo'ness Iron Co Ltd
Department Object
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Accession No P00057
Name/Title Torwood Foundry interior
Primary Prod Date Circa 1910
Brief Description View of the dressing shop. The work shop is constructed of steel and brick and lit by electric light bulbs. What could be electric heaters are mounted on the walls. A number of men are working on several large buffing machines with ventilators attached. These are electrically driven.
Primary Maker Ross, Robert
Department Photo
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Accession No P00166
Name/Title Columbian Stove Works
Primary Prod Date Circa 1860
Brief Description Exterior view of Works showing a complex of buildings, one of which is four storeys high, and chimney. There are three stacks of timber in the yard.
Primary Maker Bonnybridge Photographic Society
Collection Bonnybridge Photographic Society Collection/Organisations Group
Department Photo
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