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Department Photo
Accession No P39810
Name/Title Portsoy, Aberdeenshire
Primary Prod Date Aug 1955
Brief Description Text on negative envelope reads 'Portsoy. Harbour at low water'. View of a small harbour at low tide. There are small, open fishing boats registered in Fraserburgh and Banff. Empty fishboxes lie on the harbour wall. Behind the harbour are tall stone-built warehouses.
Primary Maker Munn, John Peat
Collection Munn Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
Subject Category Harbour/Transport; Water
Boat/Fishing Industry
Subject Place Portsoy/Aberdeenshire
Subject Notes Portsoy has merchants' houses and warehouses clustered round the harbour. The warehouses were for the working and export of a green or pink serpentine (Portsoy 'marble'), some of which went into two chimney pieces at the Palace of Versailles. Portsoy ceased to be a deepsea trading port after storm damage to its harbour in the early 19th century. It supported a fishing fleet for a time, latterly lobster boats and sea-angling for visitors.
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