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Department Photo
Accession No P40036
Name/Title Nairn
Primary Prod Date Jun 1957
Brief Description Text on negative envelope reads 'Nairn. Beach Boat, Wheels (close up) with lighthouse'. View of an open boat with raised prow and transom stern sitting on a trolley with two very large wooden wheels designed not to sink into the sand. There is a harbour wall and lighthouse in the background. This area of Nairn is called Fishertown. The harbour was built by Thomas Telford.
Primary Maker Munn, John Peat
Collection Munn Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
Subject Category Boat/Fishing Industry
Net drying/Nets/Fishing Industry
Subject Place Nairn/Highland
Subject Notes Salmon fishing is now restricted to angling on rivers which brings much more money into the local economy. The town marked the cultural boundary between the Highlands and Lowlands with Gaelic spoken to the west and the Doric to the east.
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