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Accession No 1976-024-012
Name/Title stable fitting
Brief Description Cast iron stable fitting in the shape of a horse's head.
Primary Maker Ballantine Bo'ness Iron Co Ltd
Department Object
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Accession No 1978-137-003
Name/Title banknote; shilling (5)
Primary Prod Date 1797
Brief Description Five shilling note from Carron Company decorated on the obverse with an oval picture containing three carronades in black ink. It is watermarked Carron Company inside an ornate rectangle. This is a promissory note and was printed from a copper plate engraved by Kirkwood and Son. The Carron Company was permitted to issue notes in Scotland during the Napoleonic Wars to meet the need for currency.
Printed on the obverse is "ESTO PERPETUA/ No. A Carron, MAY 1797/ On demand We promise to pay to/ Mr. D. Slee or Bearer the sum of/ Five Shillings Sterling, By order of/ a General Court of CARRON COMPANY:/ £5 Stg./ Entd. bR/ CARRON COMPANY" .
Primary Maker Kirkwood & Son
Department Object
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Accession No P00167
Name/Title Bonnybridge Foundry smith shop employees
Primary Prod Date 1899
Brief Description Ten smith shop workers pose with their hand tools: anvil, hand drill, hammer, chisel, adjustable spanner, tap and die, riveting hammer and ruler. All but one have a beard or moustache. All are wearing bunnets and waistcoats. Some have jackets and one, possibly the foreman, a leather apron.
Primary Maker Bonnybridge Photographic Society
Department Photo
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