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Accession No P00171
Name/Title Pattern-making shop, Bonnybridge Foundry
Primary Prod Date Post 1900
Brief Description Workers stand by benches which are covered in tools and work pieces. Benches are ranged along a wall giving good natural light. The men are wearing aprons and bunnets and have their sleeves rolled up. Patterns for perhaps a grill and fireplaces can be seen in the foreground.
Primary Maker Bonnybridge Photographic Society
Department Photo
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Accession No 1978-137-004
Name/Title banknote; shilling (5)
Primary Prod Date 1797
Brief Description Five shilling Carron Company note decorated on the obverse with a small picture of the arms of the company and wavy lines. The watermark is Carron Company inside a rectangle.
Printed on the obverse is "A/ No./ No. A Carron, MAY 1797/ On demand We promise to pay to/ Mr. D. Slee or Bearer, the sum of/ Five Shillings Sterling, By order of/ a General Court of CARRON COMPANY:/ £5 Stg/ Entd. bN/ Kirkwood & Sons ---/ CARRON COMPANY" .
Department Object
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Accession No 1978-137-006
Name/Title banknote; guinea (1)
Primary Prod Date 1811
Brief Description Guinea note from Falkirk Union Bank. Decorated on the obverse in black ink with an image of an oval vignettes of intertwined rose, thistle and shamrock. It is dated and numbered by hand with two signatures and is printed on wove paper. This note was designed by G Paton and the marking on the reverse is illegible. Printed on the obverse is "One Guinea/ TRIA JUNCTION IN UNO/ G.Paton Script Kirkwood & Son/ No. [36//251] FALKIRK/ [11 Sept/ 1811]/ The Falkirk Union Bank/ Promise to pay [[Wm Gentles] or/ the bearer on demand ONE GUINEA/ At their Office here No. [36//251]/ By Order of the Company/ [James brown] Cashier./ Entd. pr. [Will. Horn]/ FALKIRK UNION BANK". On the watermark is "Falkirk Union Bank" on the sides of the triangle. On the revenue stamp is "Four Pence" and an image of a crown with a plaque and wreath. Printed by Kirkwood and Son.
Primary Maker Kirkwood & Son
Department Object
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