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Accession No P00510
Name/Title Former granary, Old Grangemouth
Primary Prod Date Circa 1968
Brief Description View of a five-storey building built of rubble-stone .The building is on the corner of North Charlotte Street and a wharf on the River Carron.
Primary Maker Fyfe, Alexander Gentles
Subject Category Granary/Crop Storage/Agriculture
Hosiery/Hosier's trade
Subject Place Granary/North Charlotte St/Old Grangemouth/Grangemouth area
Granary/Swan Pl/Old Grangemouth/Grangemouth area
Subject Notes Grangemouth had six granaries in the early 19th century. The grain was imported from Quebec. The grain trade ceased later in the 19th century. This granary was used latterly as a drapery and hosiery. It has been demolished.
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