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Accession No A120.002
Name/Title Plan of Falkirk Steeple
Primary Prod Date 1812
Brief Description Elevation of proposed Steeple at Falkirk (?) [not identified on elevation] Annotated Ro.Smith, 1812
Primary Maker Falkirk Burgh. Stentmasters
Collection Falkirk Stentmasters/Local Authorities Group
Level of Current Record Item
Next Higher Record in Group A66/F2; Falkirk Stentmasters records; 1800-1860; 48 items (0.25m); Collection
Subject Category Plan/Cartography
Stentmasters/Government; Local
Subject Person Falkirk Burgh. Stentmasters
Subject Place Steeple/High St/Falkirk town centre/Falkirk area
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