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Accession No A011.033
Name/Title Catalogue - Grates
Primary Prod Date (1930)
Brief Description Catalogue C.L.4: "Carronia" combination grate
List of contents
No. 1252 "Carronia" Combination Grate.
With tiled panel to oven door
With "Carronia" fire and No. 1134 Mantel Piece
With No. 9 "Radiant" fire and No. 90 Mantel Piece
No 1252A "Carronia" Fire
With Tiled Covings and Tiled Surround
With No. 9 "Radiant" Fall Bar
With Fire Swing Trivets
No 1252B "Carronia" Combination Grate with Cast Iron Covings and OG
No 1252C "Carronia" Combination Grate with Tiled Coving and Tiled Surround
No 1252D "Carronia" Combination Grate with Cast Iron Coving and OG
No 1252E "Carronia" Combination Grate with Cast Iron Coving and OG Jamb
No 1252G Combination Grate with Covings
The "Carron" Inter Oven
Collection Carron Co/Business Group
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Accession No 2008-100-001
Name/Title pot; three-legged
Brief Description Cast iron three-legged pot with opposed lug handles. Moulded faintly on the side: "FALKIRK/ - GALLN".
Unknown accession number.
Primary Maker Falkirk Iron Co
Department Object
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Accession No 1983-042-424
Name/Title pattern
Brief Description Pattern.
Primary Maker Carron Co
Department Object
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