Object Highlights Falkirk in old photos

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Accession No Name/Title Primary Prod Date Collection Select
P14079 "Newmarket Street (Looking E)" Circa 1896
P23463 11-19 West Bridge St, Falkirk 1970s
P00304 Cooper & Co shop frontage, Vicar St, Falkirk Post 1900
P03788 "Post Office and B.L. Co Bank, Falkirk" Circa 1910
P14960 Vicar St and Newmarket St, Falkirk 1905-1921
P14460 Newmarket St 1909
P32691 Falkirk Town Hall, Newmarket Street, Falkirk 1897 Falkirk Herald Photographic Collection/Falkirk Herald/Business Group
P00456 House formerly used as Howgate Chapel Pre 1928
P00478 Back door of a house in Pleasance built from stones taken out of the old Church demolished in 1810 1880-1920
P42788 Opening of Westbank Medical Centre 1957
P42784 Westbank Medical Centre 1957
P42796 Floral Clock, Dollar Park 1950s
P43021 Wooer St, Falkirk 17 Aug 2009
P42830 Bus on Vicar Street 1940s
P42835 Junction at the end of Newmarket Street 1940s
P42833 Junction at the end of Newmarket Street 1940s
P03550 Falkirk Police Station and Stirling County Buildings, West Bridge St, Falkirk (Circa 1900)
P17771 Tomb of Sir John de Graeme. Early 20th Century
P43183 Aerial View of Bantaskin Area 1962-1963 Falkirk High School/Schools Group
P03708 Royal Visit 02 Jul 1955