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Accession No Name/Title Primary Prod Date Collection Select
P00510 Former granary, Old Grangemouth Circa 1968
P00525 Timber basin, Old Grangemouth Circa 1968
P00535 Canal timber basin and Old Grangemouth Circa 1968
P00548 South Basin Street and Coronation Bar, Old Town Grangemouth Circa 1968
P00567 North Harbour St, Old Grangemouth Circa 1968
P00572 South Charlotte Street, Old Grangemouth Circa 1968
P00587 Queen's Hotel and the town clock, Old Grangemouth Circa 1968
P00593 South Bridge St, Grangemouth Pre 1905
P00594 Grange St in Grangemouth Old Town Circa 1910
P00597 Abbot's Rd, Grangemouth, looking south Circa 1910
P00598 Grange School from Zetland Park, Grangemouth Post 1900
P00603 Puffer passing Dalgrain Bridge Early 20th Century
P00607 Bo'ness Rd, Grangemouth Early 20th Century
P00612 Bowhouse Farm, Grangemouth. Post 1900
P00616 Two boys by a burn, Bowhouse farm, Grangemouth Circa 1930
P00633 Charing Cross, Grangemouth Post 1900
P00645 Forth & Clyde Canal near Grangemouth Post 1900
P00657 Grangemouth Town Hall Early 20th Century
P00663 Kerse House, Grangemouth Early 20th Century
P00680 "Canal, North Basin Street, Grangemouth" Early 20th Century