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Accession No Name/Title Primary Prod Date Collection Select
A120.002 Plan of Falkirk Steeple 1812 Falkirk Stentmasters/Local Authorities Group
A240.018 Entry Permit for Grangemouth Docks 01 Dec 1915
A240.017/02 Greetings card Apr 1916 Grangemouth Town Council/Local Authorities Group
A357.001 Christmas Card 1918 Rennie, Helen, Personal Papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
A802.001 Matriculation of coat of arms 1930 Grangemouth Town Clerk/Grangemouth Town Council/Local Authorities Group
A557.002 Programme for Ice Revue Feb 1947 Louden Family Papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
A754.001 Music Book of Lady Louisa Charteris 1824 Forbes of Callendar Papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
A754.004 Inventory of Bed & Table Linen 1832 Forbes of Callendar Papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
A2236.001 Letter from Thomas Thomson 1923 Thomson, Thomas, personal papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
A1179.001 Catalogue (1920s) Main, R & A Ltd/Business Group
A006.283/02 Notice asking people to use less bread 1917 Denny & Dunipace Town Clerk/Denny & Dunipace Town Council/Local Authorities Group
A891.001 Catalogue - Cookers and stoves (Circa 1892) Smith & Wellstood Ltd/Business Group
A1804.004 Estate particulars of John Ogilvy of Gairdoch's estate 1820 Russel & Aitken/Business Group
A076.011 Advertisement for dance 20 Mar 1943 Mathie Collection/Business Group
A1109.001/12 Programme for Crazy For You 1998 Falkirk Children's and Youth Theatre/Cultural Services/Community Services/Falkirk Council/Local Authorities Group