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Accession No Name/Title Primary Prod Date Primary Maker Select
A120.002 Plan of Falkirk Steeple 1812 Falkirk Burgh. Stentmasters
A240.018 Entry Permit for Grangemouth Docks 01 Dec 1915
A240.017/02 Greetings card Apr 1916 Grangemouth Town Council
A357.001 Christmas Card 1918 Rennie, Helen
A802.001 Matriculation of coat of arms 1930 Grangemouth Burgh
A557.002 Programme for Ice Revue Feb 1947 Louden, Jessie Campbell
A754.001 Music Book of Lady Louisa Charteris 1824 Forbes, Louisa Antoinetta
A754.004 Inventory of Bed & Table Linen 1832 Forbes, Louisa Antoinetta
A2236.001 Letter from Thomas Thomson 1923 Thomson, Thomas
A1179.001 Catalogue (1920s) Main, R & A Ltd
A006.283/02 Notice asking people to use less bread 1917 Denny & Dunipace Town Council. Town Clerk
A891.001 Catalogue - Cookers and stoves (Circa 1892) Smith & Wellstood Ltd
A1804.004 Estate particulars of John Ogilvy of Gairdoch's estate 1820 Russel & Aitken
A076.011 Advertisement for dance 20 Mar 1943 Mathie & Co
A1109.001/12 Programme for Crazy For You 1998 Falkirk Youth Theatre