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Department Photo
Accession No P00041
Caption Interior of Torwood Foundry
Date photo taken Circa 1910
Brief Description View of iron founding dressing shop with a steel frame, brick walls and glass roof lights. There are electric lights and extraction ventilators driven by electric motors. There a number of two-wheeled bogies and barrows. Ten or so men are working, some on buffing machines.
Photographer or Artist Ross, Robert
Subject Notes Torwood Foundry belonged to Jones and Campbell Ltd. The company was established in 1888 by James Jones and Dermont Campbell. It produced kitchen ranges and stoves.
Subject Category Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Dressing/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Person Jones & Campbell Ltd
Subject Place Torwood Foundry/Foundry Loan/Larbert/Larbert area
Associated Notes Some projections and imperfections had to be removed from a new casting. The coarser imperfections might be removed in a tumbling barrel. The dressing shop was where castings were finished, by polishing them on the spinning grindstone of a buffing machine
Grid Ref NS 858 827
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