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Department Photo
Accession No P00689
Caption "West Bridge Street". Cottages on Tanner's Brae
Date photo taken Early 20th Century?
Brief Description Children playing on forestairs of terraced cottages on north side of Tanner's Brae. The stairs are worn. The houses have dormer windows and pantile roofs, and drain pipes below the window.
Photographer or Artist Unknown
Subject Notes Tanner's Brae is the original name for West Bridge St, named after a tannery situated beside West Burn.
The wear on the stairs suggest the houses have been lived in by big families for many decades. The drainpipes suggest that each house has a sink under the right hand window.
Subject Category Row/Housing
Clothing; Children's/Costume
Subject Place West Bridge St/Falkirk town centre/Falkirk area
Associated Notes Pantiles are red roof tiles moulded with a ridge which gives a distinctive pattern to the roof and were made locally.
Grid Ref NS 895 801
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