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Department Photo
Accession No P00093
Name/Title Forth and Clyde canal bridge and Columbian Stove Works, Bonnybridge
Primary Prod Date Circa 1900
Brief Description View of a typical Forth and Clyde Canal bascule bridge, showing part of the mechanism for raising the bascule bridge. Across the canal is Smith and Wellstood's Columbian Stove Works. There are two gas street lamps in the middleground.
Primary Maker Bonnybridge Photographic Society
Subject Category Bridge; Bascule/Canal; Forth and Clyde/Transport; Water
Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Person Smith & Wellstood Ltd
Subject Place Bonnybridge Bridge/Forth and Clyde Canal/Bonnybridge/Denny area
Columbian Stove Works/Broomhill Rd/Bonnybridge/Denny area
Subject Notes This bridge was opened in 1900. Prior to that the only way to cross the canal was by a pend under the canal. It was replaced by a swing bridge in 1936. GR NS 824 800.
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