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Accession No P16779
Name/Title Oil tanker, British Grenadier, at unloading jetty, Grangemouth
Primary Prod Date 23 Feb 1923
Brief Description View of the oil tanker discharging oil at the jetty. The tanker has its engines astern and an island bridge structure. Its paintwork appears to be in poor condition. A large flexible pipe can be seen passing over her side to the aft cargo tanks.
Subject Category Petrochemicals/Chemical Industry
Oil Discharge/Petrochemicals/Chemical Industry
Jetty/Docks; Grangemouth/Transport; Water
Tanker/Ship/Transport; Water
Subject Person British Tanker Company
Scottish Oils Ltd
Subject Place Scottish Oils Jetty/Grangemouth Docks/Grangemouth area
Subject Notes The jetty has been built out from the quay wall, perhaps to take advantage of deeper water or for safety reasons. The British Grenadier had in an earlier voyage been the first tanker to unload oil at the jetty.
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