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Accession No P16687
Name/Title Railway tanker wagons, Westwood shale oil works, West Lothian
Primary Prod Date Circa 1910
Brief Description Railway tanker wagons being filled from large storage tanks. Workers are standing on top of two of the wagons. The wagons belong to a company at Glasgow, possibly the Scottish Oil and Fuel Company of Buchanan Street.
Subject Category Petrochemicals/Chemical Industry
Railway/Transport; Rail
Transportation/Chemical Industry
Subject Person The Pumpherston Oil Company
Scottish Oils Ltd
Subject Place Westwood Shale Oil Works/Pumpherston/West Lothian
Subject Notes The Pumpherston Oil Co was formed in 1883 to exploit the ammonia rich shales. By 1902 the company employed 1200 men, 800 of whom were miners. It was equipped with 180 retorts in which oil was extracted from the shale.
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