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Accession No P19176
Name/Title "Greenhill Station"
Primary Prod Date 1917
Brief Description View of Greenhill Station showing station buildings and passengers awaiting their trains. There are billboards headed Caledonian Railway. There is gas lighting and a water tower beyond the road bridge for replenishing locomotive water tanks. Freight wagons are sitting in a siding. The semaphore signals are set to danger.
Primary Maker Welsh, William
Subject Category Railway/Transport; Rail
station/Transport; Rail
Subject Person Caledonian Railway Co
Subject Place Greenhill Railway Station/Greenhill/Falkirk area
Subject Notes The station was on the Cumbernauld to Larbert section of the main north-south line of the Caledonian Railway. The line is still open, although the station was closed on 18 April 1966.
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