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Accession No P00593
Name/Title South Bridge St, Grangemouth
Primary Prod Date Pre 1905
Brief Description A bascule bridge over the canal leads to a wide street. The former town hall with the 'toon knock' (clock), advertises Glen & Co, printers. Adjacent is the Queen's Hotel. On the right is a stack of timber. The traffic is horse drawn.
Primary Maker Valentine's Series
Subject Category Horse and Cart/Transport; Road
Canal; Forth and Clyde/Transport; Water
Grangemouth Town Hall/Town Hall/Government; Local
Hotel/Catering Trade
Subject Place South Bridge St/Old Grangemouth/Grangemouth area
Subject Notes With the expansion of the port, this area was demolished in the 1960s and 1970s although the block on the left with clock tower and Queen's Hotel outlived for a time the rest of the Old Town. The old town hall was taken over by the local newspaper. Timber formed a large share of the port's traffic. The bascule bridge had to be replaced as lorries could not use it.
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