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Accession No P16981
Name/Title Longcroft Co-op butcher horse-drawn van
Primary Prod Date Circa 1910
Brief Description View of pony and two-wheeled van. The livery indicates it belongs to Longcroft Co-operative Society Limited Fleshing Department. The reins are being held by a man in a butcher's apron. In the background is a miners' row built of brick and slate.
Subject Category Horse and Van/Transport; Road
Transportation/Butcher's (Flesher's) Trade
Subject Person Longcroft Co-operative Society Ltd
Burns, Billy
Subject Place Banknock/Denny area
Subject Notes Fleshing department is Scots for butcher department. The cart has an enclosed locker for carrying parcels of meat for delivery to houses. It has a small oil lamp on either side. Behind the van is a miners' row.
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