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Department Photo
Accession No P16985
Name/Title Skinflats Cycling Club, 1901.
Primary Prod Date 1901
Brief Description Group photograph of 38 members of the Skinflats Cycling Club posing outside Kerse House, Grangemouth. The members, all of whom are men, are wearing tweed suits, ties and a badge on their caps. Two members are holding their bicycles.
Subject Category Bicycle/Transport; Road
Subject Person Marshall, W
McCulloch, J
Morrison, R
Wilson, J
Wilson, J
Skinflats Cycle Club
Cooper, W P
Jarvie, M
Rae, W
Whyte, J
Baxter, A
Kerr, T
Henderson, R
Aitken, M
Taylor, A
Walker, T
Allan, R
Baxter, J
Dunsmore, W
Fish, J
Henderson, J
Marshall, P
Marshall, W M
Love, A
Marshall, G
Marshall, M
McCulloch, R
McCulloch, W
Morrison, P
Rankine, D
Paton, P
Scobbie, N
Russell, J
Stevenson, W S
Walker, C
Young, W
Subject Place Kerse House/Earl's Rd/Grangemouth/Grangemouth area
Subject Notes Those in the photo are:
Mr A Baxter; Mr P Paton, Mr C Walker, Mr J Wilson, Mr M Marshall, Mr P Marshall, Mr J McCulloch,Mr W Marshall; Mr T Kerr; , Mr W Dunsmore, Mr W Rae, Mr W Marshall; , Mr J Wilson, Mr R McCulloch; Mr M Aitken, Mr R Henderson; Bo'ness, Mr J Russell, Mr W McCulloch, Mr R Morrison, Mr R Allan; Mr J Whyte, Mr D Rankine, Mr J Baxter, Mr M Jarvie,
Mr N Scobbie, Mr W Cooper, Mr W M Marshal, Mr W Stevenson, Mr A Taylor; Mr W Young, Mr J McCulloch, Mr G Marshall, Mr A Love, Mr P Morrison, Mr J Henderson, Mr J Whyte, Mr J Fish, Morrison, Mr Tom Walker;
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