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Accession No P00256
Name/Title Bus, Tilling Stevens Charabanc, torpedo type
Primary Prod Date Circa 1920
Brief Description The charabanc has a 'torpedo' style body, open-top with the hood folded down at the back. Each row of seats has its own doors. The floor is high hence the two running boards. The head lamps are not electric, but probably acetylene gas. The tyres are solid and it has a starting handle. Its registration number is MS 2566(?) and bus number is 38.
Subject Category Charabanc/Transport; Road
Subject Person Scottish General Omnibus Company
Subject Notes The petrol engine powered a generator which fed an electric motor. Charabancs were used for excursions and local services but the solid tyres would make it a bumpy ride. The registration number was issued in Falkirk in 1920-21.
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