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Accession No P00250
Name/Title Scottish General Omnibus Company Depot, Falkirk,
Primary Prod Date Circa 1927
Brief Description Interior view showing two buses and mechanics. The buses sit in a corrugated-iron shed with roof lights and electric lighting. On one bus 'General' can be seen painted on the side. The other bus has the registration MS 6465. Men are painting the buses. One on the floor is painting an engine cover.
Subject Category Workers/Bus Depot/Transport; Road
Bus Depot/Transport; Road
Bus/Transport; Road
Subject Person Scottish General Omnibus Company
Subject Place Scottish General Bus Depot/Stirling Rd/Dorrator/Falkirk area
Subject Notes The buses belong to the Scottish General Omnibus Company which was a subsidiary of Falkirk Tramways and served the routes not covered by the trams. It was later taken over by SMT's Alexanders subsidiary. The registration MS 6465 was issued in Falkirk in 1926.
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