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Accession No P15544
Name/Title "Callendar Riggs. Falkirk"
Primary Prod Date Circa 1925
Brief Description Parked in the street is a horse-drawn cart belonging to Barr, piled with crates, a lorry belonging to Headswood Laundry and Dyeworks, Falkirk, and two motor buses. Behind the cart is the gable end of a three-storey house.
Subject Category Horse and Cart/Transport; Road
Bus/Transport; Road
Transportation/Laundry trade
Transportation/Aerated water trade
Subject Person Shields
Headswood Laundry Co Ltd
Subject Place Callendar Riggs/Falkirk town centre/Falkirk area
Subject Notes Barr's, the soft drink manufacturer, operated a fleet of over 20 carts in 1900. Even when motorised transport became available, horses continued to be used by some companies for door to door deliveries.
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