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Accession No P15773
Name/Title Alexanders Stores Albion lorry
Primary Prod Date 06 Dec 1922
Brief Description View of an Albion lorry with what appear to be pneumatic front tyres and solid rubber rear tyres. There are no headlamps and the side lamps are oil or acetylene gas. There is an air bulb horn outside the cab next to the driver's seat. It is painted in the livery of Alexanders Stores Limited, The Popular Supply Stores.
Subject Category Lorry/Transport; Road
Transportation/General Store
Coachbuilding Trade
Subject Person Martin Motor Engineers & Coachbuilders
Albion Motor Company
Alexanders Stores Ltd
Subject Place Kirkintilloch/East Dunbartonshire
Subject Notes Pneumatic tyres were options at this time (no punctures with solid tyres!). The coachwork was by Martin Motor Engineers and the chassis by the Albion Motor Company was based in Scotstoun, Glasgow. Albion manufactured cars, lorries and buses in the early years of the 20th century. It later concentrated on commercial vehicles and had a famous 'sunrise' trademark.
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