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Accession No P14917
Name/Title "King's Bridge - under which runs a Railway, Canal, Road and Footpath."
Primary Prod Date Circa 1925
Brief Description View to the east over the Junction Locks to Kings Bridge. In the foreground is a side reservoir of one of the locks. Behind the canal is the viaduct with its large stone arches.
Subject Category Lock/Canal; Union/Transport; Water
Bridge/Railway/Transport; Rail
Subject Place Junction Locks/Union Canal/Falkirk town centre/Falkirk area
King's Bridge/Union Canal/Falkirk town centre/Falkirk area
Subject Notes Arch to right said to be the widest stone span in Scotland. Under it run a canal, cart road, railway, and footpath.

The locks took the Union Canal down to connect with the Forth and Clyde Canal at Port Downie. The bridge carries the main Edinburgh to Glasgow railway line.
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