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Accession No P13601
Name/Title Bo'ness Dock from South Side with sailing ship "Catharine"
Primary Prod Date Circa 1905
Brief Description View of the Docks showing many large sailing ships. That nearest the camera is the Catharine. Most appear to be barques or brigantines, with square-rigging on the foremast and for-and-aft rigging on the mainmast or mizzen.
Subject Category Sailing/Ship/Transport; Water
Ship/Transport; Water
Docks; Bo'ness/Transport; Water
Subject Place Bo'ness Docks/Bo'ness town centre/Bo'ness area
Subject Notes Bo'ness Harbour was tidal which made it inconvenient for the loading and unloading of ships. The Dock was built in 1881 and provided 730 metres of quay wall. The dock gates were opened for the passage of ships twice a day, at high tide.

Square-rigging gradually gave way to fore-and-aft rigging which needed fewer seamen. Sailing ships gave way to steam on all routes after the 1880s when steam engines became more efficient, but large sailing ships could still compete for bulk cargos over long distances.
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