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Accession No P17196
Name/Title Two-wheeled trap with pony
Primary Prod Date Circa 1905
Brief Description View of pony and two-wheeled trap. It has oil lamps and large wheels. A boy sits in the trap, wearing a cap, jacket with piping round the lapels and short trousers. A young man - George Mackenzie - who was gardener on South Bantaskine estate for 40 years holds the horse by one of the harness belts. Small white hens or pullets scratch about in the earth behind the pony.
Subject Category Carriage/Transport; Road
Subject Person Mackenzie, George
Subject Place South Bantaskine Estate/Princes Park/Falkirk area
Subject Notes Pony and traps were a form of private transport for one or two people. They were open to the weather. The young man was a gardener on the South Bantaskine estate, working there for 40 years.
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