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Accession No P15864
Name/Title Horse-drawn refuse cart in Dorrator Rd, Falkirk
Primary Prod Date 1936-1937
Brief Description A Clydesdale horse is hitched to a refuse cart outside a villa. The cart is fitted with pneumatic tyres. It is raining and the horse has a short cover over its hindquarters. It is wearing the peaked Scottish neck collar. The collector/driver (Mr Mallett) holding the reins is wearing a rough hessian apron.
Primary Maker Falkirk Town Council. Sanitary Inspector
Subject Category Horse and Van/Transport; Road
Refuse Disposal/Environmental Health
Refuse Disposal/Government; Local
Subject Person Falkirk Town Council
Mallet, Richard
Subject Place Dorrator Rd/Camelon/Falkirk area
Subject Notes Message on cart reads "If your rates you would reduce, reduce the refuse you produce". Refuse collection was undertaken by Falkirk Town Council Cleansing Department and was funded out of the rates - hence the slogan on the side of the cart. The cart had a capacity of about one tonne of refuse and covered about 100 houses a day. Photographs given to council workers.
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