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Department Photo
Accession No P00167
Name/Title Bonnybridge Foundry smith shop employees
Primary Prod Date 1899
Brief Description Ten smith shop workers pose with their hand tools: anvil, hand drill, hammer, chisel, adjustable spanner, tap and die, riveting hammer and ruler. All but one have a beard or moustache. All are wearing bunnets and waistcoats. Some have jackets and one, possibly the foreman, a leather apron.
Primary Maker Bonnybridge Photographic Society
Subject Category Workers, Group Of/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Person Smith & Wellstood Ltd
Subject Place Bonnybridge Foundry/Seabegs Rd/Bonnybridge/Denny area
Subject Notes The smith shop carried out a range of blacksmith duties for other departments of the foundry and also fabricated some products.
The Foundry was erected to supply the Singer Sewing Machine Company. In 1890 Singers opened their own foundry and Bonnybridge was bought over subsequently by Smith and Wellstood who also owned the Columbian Stove Works.
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