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Accession No P18098
Name/Title Motor car at Bo'ness
Primary Prod Date Circa 1910
Brief Description View of an early open motor car. The mudguards are separate from the engine bonnet. The lights are acetylene gas or oil and are located by the windshield. It has elliptical leaf spring suspension at the front. Annotated on reverse of donated print "I wish all the tyres were solid like the front ones. Men cutting the grass in the Wynd Cemetery pause to look at the labour with a hand pump"
Subject Category Car/Transport; Road
Subject Place Church Wynd/Bo'ness town centre/Bo'ness area
Subject Notes The front tyres are solid, but the driver has had to take off his jacket to pump up a rear tyre. Three gardeners look on. Solid rubber tyres had the advantage of avoiding the frequent problem of punctures, but gave a less comfortable ride. Many cars had pneumatic tyres on all wheels by 1910.

See "Bo'ness in Old Picture Postcards" by William F Hendrie
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