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Accession No P00594
Name/Title Grange St in Grangemouth Old Town
Primary Prod Date Circa 1910
Brief Description View of a cobbled street with gas lighting, lined by two and three-storey tenements of stone with slate roofs. Some have dormer windows. Passers-by are in plain Edwardian dress. There is a laden cart by the kerbside. Ships’ masts can be seen at the end of the road.
Subject Category Tenement/Housing
Horse and Cart/Transport; Road
Docks; Grangemouth/Transport; Water
Subject Place Glasgow House/Grange St/Old Grangemouth/Grangemouth area
Grangemouth Docks/Grangemouth area
Subject Notes The three-storey tenements would be of more recent construction than the two- storey. Grange Street had many shops and public houses. The advert on the gable wall is for Glasgow House, Outfitter and Seaman's Outfitter.
Up until the First World War, stone was the main building material. The housing no longer exists.
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