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Department Photo
Accession No P12760
Name/Title "Canal Street and Dockyard, Grangemouth"
Primary Prod Date Circa 1950
Brief Description View of Grangemouth Dockyard office in Canal Street, Grangemouth. Shipbuilding slips are in the background with a ship in construction on the stocks. In the foreground is the Forth and Clyde Canal.

This photo is not available as a scanned image. You can see the original in the Archives in Callendar House.
Primary Maker Valentine's Series
Subject Category Canal; Forth and Clyde/Transport; Water
Office/Administration/Shipbuilding industry
Ship Yard/Shipbuilding industry
Subject Person Grangemouth Dockyard Co Ltd
Subject Place Canal St/Old Grangemouth/Grangemouth area
Grangemouth Dockyard/Dalgrain Rd/Old Grangemouth/Grangemouth area
Grangemouth Dockyard Co Office/Dalgrain Rd/Old Grangemouth/Grangemouth area
Forth and Clyde Canal/Old Grangemouth/Grangemouth area
Subject Notes The Dockyard launched its ships into the River Carron. Shipbuilding took place on the site from 1788 until the early 1970s. The Dockyard was especially busy during the First and Second World Wars.
The Forth and Clyde Canal opened in 1790, allowing ships to sail from coast to coast and to dock in Glasgow. It stimulated the growth of heavy industry in the Falkirk area. It closed in 1962 and re-opened in 2001.
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