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Accession No P05239
Name/Title "Aerial Bombs. Assembling & Varnishing."
Primary Prod Date 1915-1918
Brief Description Nearest the camera a line of women is varnishing the bodies of 50lb (22kg) aerial bombs. On the other bench, the tail fins are being married to the bodies. The women are wearing work coats. There are two men, probably supervisors. From "Munition Work Record. The Falkirk Iron Coy, Ltd, 1915-1918."
Subject Category Munitions/First World War/War
Munitionette/First World War/War
Assembly Shop/Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Person Falkirk Iron Co
Subject Place Castlelaurie Works/Bankside/Bainsford/Falkirk area
Subject Notes In 1915 the UK government took power over munitions production and directed many women into the industry; their numbers rose from 212,000 in 1914 to 950,000 by 1918. On average their pay was less than half that of men. They became known as munitionettes.
The photograph is from 'Munition Work Record. The Falkirk Iron Coy, Ltd, 1915-1918.' During the War the Works was a 'Government Controlled Establishment'.
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