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Department Photo
Accession No P26048
Name/Title Badge; cap "ARP"
Primary Prod Date 1939-1945
Brief Description Silver embossed cap badge with a crown over the initials A.R.P. Hallmarked for London and the year D. Used by Miss J Miller as part of her First Aid uniform. See p26017.
Primary Maker Crown
Collection Miller, Miss Janet, Personal Papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
Secondary Maker Burt, Alexander
Subject Category Air Raid Precautions (Ambulance Section)/Second World War/War
Air Raid Precautions (Ambulance Section)/Home Front/War
Ambulance Attendant (First Aider)/Ambulance/Health
Ambulance Attendant (First Aider)/Home Front/War
Ambulance Attendant (First Aider)/Second World War/War
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