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Accession No P05244
Name/Title "Ball Grenades & Mills Grenades. Assembling."
Primary Prod Date 1915-1918
Brief Description A female workforce of over 30 are assembling hand grenades . Hand grenades are stacked on a bench in the foreground. The women are using hand-cranked turning machines. All are wearing protective clothing. From "Munition Work Record. The Falkirk Iron Coy, Ltd, 1915-1918."
Subject Category Munitions/First World War/War
Munitionette/First World War/War
Assembly Shop/Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Person Falkirk Iron Co
Subject Place Castlelaurie Works/Bankside/Bainsford/Falkirk area
Subject Notes In 1915 the UK government took power over munitions production and directed many women into the industry; their numbers rose from 212,000 in 1914 to 950,000 by 1918. On average their pay was less than half that of men. They became known as munitionettes.
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