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Accession No P05228
Name/Title '6" Chemical Shell. Emptying casting.'
Primary Prod Date 1915-1918
Brief Description Three shells which have been moulded together hang by a chain from an overhead travelling crane. Empty moulding boxes lie on the floor. One worker holds an end of the chain while another wields a large hammer. A third worker looks on. From "Munition Work Record. The Falkirk Iron Coy, Ltd, 1915-1918."
Subject Category Munitions/First World War/War
Casting Shop/casting/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Person Falkirk Iron Co
Subject Place Castlelaurie Works/Bankside/Bainsford/Falkirk area
Subject Notes Moulds were made in two halves. Sand was rammed round the mould in the moulding box. The moulds were then removed and the two halves of the moulding box fitted together using snugs and pins. Molten iron was then poured into the moulding box.
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