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Department Photo
Accession No P05245
Name/Title "Details of Productions."
Primary Prod Date 1915-1918
Brief Description A list showing that during the First World War, Falkirk Iron Company produced 10,000 tons of munitions, including grenades, shells, bombs, fuses and fuse plugs. Mills grenades were made in the largest quantity. From "Munition Work Record. The Falkirk Iron Coy, Ltd, 1915-1918."
Subject Category Munitions/First World War/War
Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Person Falkirk Iron Co
Subject Place Castlelaurie Works/Bankside/Bainsford/Falkirk area
Subject Notes The photograph is of a list in the 'Munition Work Record. The Falkirk Iron Coy, Ltd, 1915-1918.' For the duration of the War the Works was a 'Government Controlled Establishment'. This scale of production would not have been possible without the use of female labour.
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