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Accession No P27848
Name/Title Callendar House kitchen
Primary Prod Date 1996
Brief Description View of the kitchen showing candle lighting, the kitchen range, table and fireplace. There are large bowls, ice cream moulds and potato mashers on the side bench and mixing bowls on the table. The fire is equipped with a horizontal and two vertical spits. The door to the scullery is on the left.
Primary Maker Burt, Alexander
Subject Category Food/Social/History
Georgian Kitchen/Museum Service/Government; Local
Subject Place Callendar House/Callendar Estate/Falkirk area
Subject Notes The kitchen has a semi-circular hot plate measuring 1.5m by 0.9m, a bread oven, a range 4.5m long and a fireplace 2.0m high and 2.4m wide. Part of the range was converted to gas as early as 1850, using gas piped from the town.
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