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Accession No P19608
Name/Title Soldiers of the 5th Battalion Cameron Highlanders, on leave
Primary Prod Date 1940
Brief Description Informal group, all from Falkirk, man in centre holding wire haired fox terrier dog
Primary Maker Falkirk Herald
Subject Category Cameron Highlanders/Army/War
Soldier/Second World War/War
dog/Domestic pet/Recreation
Subject Person Young, David
Baird, Andrew
Campbell, Samuel
Campbell, Thomas
Dixon, David
Fowler, Bert
Hiltston, Alexander
Laird, William
Pryde, William
Stirling, William
Baird, James
Subject Place Grahamston Railway Station/Garrison Pl/Falkirk town centre/Falkirk area
Subject Notes First leave home after joining the army. The 2 Bairds are brothers and the dog in the picture belonged to their father, who was a dog breeder.
Pryde, William (back L); Dixon, David (back 2 from L); Laird, William (back 3 from L); Campbell, Thomas (back 4 from L); Stirling, William (back 6 from L); Campbell, Samuel (back 7 from L); Fowler, Bert (back R); Young, David (front 5 from L); Hiltston, Alexander (front 3 from R); Baird, Andrew (front 2 from R); Baird, Mr J (front R)
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