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Accession No P02208
Name/Title Casting, Falkirk Iron Works
Primary Prod Date Circa 1911
Brief Description View of molten iron being poured from the cupola into a barrow casting ladle. Another is waiting to be filled. One man holds the barrow steady by the shank while three look on. Large pipes pass above the men's heads. No protective wear is apparent other than goggles
Subject Category Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Cupola/Foundry Equipment/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Person Falkirk Iron Co
Subject Place Falkirk Iron Works/Grahams Rd/Grahamston/Falkirk area
Subject Notes The overhead pipes were the tuyeres which supplied the hot blast - hot air forced into the furnace. The ladles were coated in clay to prevent the molten iron damaging them. Protective clothing was not used to any extent until the 1950s.
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