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Accession No P04455
Name/Title Moulder, moulding shop, Dunipace Foundry
Primary Prod Date 1978
Brief Description View of a moulder hand-finishing a mould.
Text on original print - "Moulding shop. Finishing a mould by hand".
Primary Maker Gibson, Robert
Subject Category Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Moulder/Foundry/Ironfounding Industry
Moulding Shop/moulding/Ironfounding Industry
Subject Place Dunipace Foundry/Stirling St/Dunipace/Dunipace area
Subject Notes Moulds were made in two halves. Sand was rammed round the mould in the moulding box. The moulds were then removed and the two halves of the moulding box fitted together using snugs and pins. Molten iron was then poured into the moulding box.

A hollow casting needed a core inside the mould so that the space would not fill with molten iron. Cores were made from moulding sand in two halves which were then glued together and baked in a stove. It was often women's work.
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