nightdress; baby

Baby's sleeveless nightdress. Bodice is trimmed with cut out decoration and the bottom edge is in two tiers with cut out decoration.
This item appears to have been re-purposed probably from a day dress as there are markings on the front where a belt would have been in place on the bodice. Also the arms have been slit to allow a larger child to fit into it, very worn at yoke. Button hole at back closing but button missing and evidence of a drawstring at neck which would have been how it originally closed (no drawstring currently present).
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The objects were probably used for all the family members
Measurement type, part and reading
Dimensions:0 - Whole:L 86cm (L 2' 9 7/8")
Dimensions:W 37cm (W 1' 2 9/16")
Dimensions:W 35cm (W 1' 1 3/4")
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